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How We Build Portfolios

Investment Process

Designed around you

Portfolio Features

Our approach allows us to build modern portfolios that are cost-efficient, flexible and well-diversified

Portfolio Structure

We developed a proprietary Core- Satellite investment process which combines a top-down macroeconomic view of markets around the world with a bottom-up analysis of fundamental and technical data. We believe our process creates better portfolios over the long-term.

Asset Allocation

We analyze both quantitative and qualitative data and may shift the asset allocation to gain exposure to areas we believe either offer compelling value and reduce or eliminate exposure to areas we believe are overpriced or unattractive in the current market environment.

Core-Satellite Portfolio Construction


Core exposure to the major Stock and Bond Markets

  • US Large Cap Equities
  • International Large Cap Equities
  • Diversified Bond Portfolio
  • (or) Laddered Bond Portfolio

Satellite or Alpha Seeking

Areas where a good manager or process can potentially outperform

  • US Mid / Small Cap Equities
  • International Mid / Small Cap Equities
  • Emerging Markets
  • Alternatives


Based on investor's objectives

  • Innovation (technology, biotech)
  • Safety (Value / Low Volatility)
  • ESG
  • Sector Rotation
  • Real Estate / Alternative Income


The Core portion of our portfolios provides passive exposure to major asset classes such as the S&P 500. The benefits are broad diversification and very low cost. We utilize index mutual funds and ETFs to gain low cost exposure to major financial markets.


Certain ares of the market are less efficient, and where we believe a good active portfolio manager has the potential to outperform the market. The managers we select often have demonstrated an informational edge - either through their proprietary research or a market inefficiency they have identified, and we make use of these managers for either their risk management capabilities, or for the potential to generate alpha.

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