Our Investment Philosophy

At Highline, it is important to us that our clients understand our investment approach. First and foremost, we are an independent Fiduciary, and seek to avoid all possible conflicts of interest.

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We take our responsibility as your fiduciary seriously

Our approach allows us to build modern portfolios that are cost-efficient, flexible and well-diversified. We employ a Core-Satellite investment process which combines a top-down macroeconomic view of markets around the world with a bottom-up analysis of fundamental and technical data. We believe our process creates better portfolios over the long-term.

Core portfolio approach

The Core portion of our portfolios provides passive exposure to major asset classes such as the S&P 500. The benefits are broad diversification and low costs. We utilize index mutual funds and ETFs to gain low-cost exposure to major financial markets.

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Satellite portfolio approach

Certain areas of the market are less efficient; and as suchwe believe an active portfolio manager has the potential to outperform the market in these areas. The managers we select often have demonstrated an informational edge—either through their proprietary research or a market inefficiency they have identified. We make use of these managers for either their risk management capabilities, or for the potential to generate better risk-adjusted returns.

Asset Allocation

We analyze both quantitative and qualitative data and may shift the asset allocation to gain exposure to areas we believe either offer compelling value and reduce or eliminate exposure to areas we believe are overpriced or unattractive in the current market environment.

Risk Management as a priority

We are risk managers who look to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle, and we seek to optimize risk exposure over maximizing absolute returns.

A multi-disciplinary approach to investing

We combine elements of academic theory with technical, fundamental, and macroeconomic analysis when structuring our investments. By combining strategic investment allocations with alternative investments and major long-term trends we are able to provide better diversification and custom-tailored solutions.


We came together with a clear mission; put client interests first.

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