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Investment Process

How We Approach Investing

At Highline, it is important to us that our client's understand our investment approach

We build modern, cost-effective portfolios rooted in both academic theory and our real-world experience.

First and foremost, we are an independent Fiduciary.

We seek to avoid all possible conflicts of interest

We act as true fiduciaries for our clients - what's in our clients' best interest is in ours too.

Fiduciaries since 1976

We work with you to identify your risk tolerance and risk capacity

A disciplined investment approach and process will yield better returns over the long-term.

Globally Diversified

We live in global economy and we believe a properly diversified portfolio should reflect this world-view. We believe exposure to numerous markets is essential to providing superior risk-adjusted returns over time - in addition to providing appropriate risk management for our clients.

We seek to control risk exposure over maximizing absolute returns

Risk Management as a Priority

We are risk managers who look to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle; in this respect we seek to control risk exposure over maximizing absolute returns.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

We combine elements of academic theory with technical, fundamental, and macroeconomic analysis when structuring our investments. By combining strategic investment allocations with alternative investments and major long-term trends we are able to provide better diversification and custom-tailored solutions.

Strategic Outlook for the Long-Term

To achieve our clients' goals, we combine a long-term strategic investment outlook with our current tactical market views to build portfolios designed around a client's given investment objective.

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