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Reward Your Company's Greatest Asset - Your Employees

Designing and administering equity compensation plans can be a challenge - we have the experience and resources to help you deliver a successful and rewarding program.

We know the stakes are high to attract and keep great people for your business. Work with you dedicated Business Consulting Service team to create and maintain a total compensation plan that will make your people happy.

The experience to address the needs of your business and your people

As a Plan Sponsor You May be Looking For:

  • A recordkeeper who understands your plan and provides administrative solutions to fit your needs
  • A disciplined plan management process that includes plan and financial reporting and services to support your needs
  • An experienced team led by dedicated Advisors specializing in the unique needs of your executive population
  • A comprehensive benefits experience with a single point of contact for all your potential plan needs: from stock to health savings solutions

Your Employees are Looking For:

  • Easy-to-use tools to help them fully understand the benefit of their rewards
  • A unified view of their overall financial picture
  • The ability to access information and make transactions their way - online, over the phone, or in-person, through an experienced Advisor

We can support you and your employees with your equity compensation needs, including:

Non-Qualified and Incentive Stock Options

Performance Shares and Units

Restricted Stock and Units

Dividend Equivalent Units

Stock Appreciation Rights

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Executive Services

Specialists ready to help you and your executives navigate their benefits

Deferred Compensation

Employees earning over $120,000 a year can defer compensation to increase savings and potentially defer some tax liability

Restricted Property Trust

Company sponsored life insurance held in a trust to provide tax-free cash accumulation paid to employees after retirement

Equity Stock Plan

Stock options received as incentives to increase productivity. Some Financial Planning and CPA allowance available for C-suite executives

Executive Services

Benefits Planning

Executive Compensation

Compensation Plan Analysis

To serve you and your business, we provide the following:

Buy-Sell Analysis

Succession Planning

Business Valuation

Risk Management Strategies

Tactical Tax Efficiency Strategies

Executive Compensation Analysis

Qualified Retirement Plan Implementation

Qualified Retirement Plan Admnistration

Employee Benefit Coordination

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