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Our firm was founded in 1976 as one of the earliest fee-only investment advisory firms.

Founded with a Purpose

After years in academia our founder, Dr. Rugg, identified the inherit conflicts of interest of most brokers and advisors who received commissions for suggesting specific products to clients.

A Book to Inform the Public

As a result Dr. Rugg wrote his first book, "The Dow Jones Irwin Guide to Mutual Funds." He believed the public deserved to know about how their advisors were being compensated, and the inherit conflicts of interest involved.

Built by Putting Clients First

Our founders set out to build the firm the right way - to uphold the mission of always putting clients interests first.

Our Cornerstone Today

Over 45 years later, our team still wholeheartedly espouses these values of integrity, transparency and what it means to be a true fiduciary.

Wealth Management Today

In the world today we see a rapidly changing environment both in markets and many aspects of our day to day lives. Gone are the days of superior informational advantages for the largest financial institutions. Technology is democratizing the world practical, cost-efficient solutions are the future across all industries. An Advisor today must understand trends affecting both our industry and the global economy.

Our firm bridges the gap between the wealth management practices of the past and of tomorrow. While our roots date back to 1976, we are an intergenerational advisory firm that has modernized for the future. We build cost-effective portfolios rooted in academic theory and tested with our practical, real-world experience. Our team's backgrounds and expertise range from academia to institutional arenas in the areas of mutual funds, ETFs, private equity, real estate, private banking, corporate services, financial planning and fixed income.

We believe there is a better approach to wealth management that can be achieved when our portfolio management process is thoughtfully combined with prudent financial planning.

Who We Are

We take our responsibility to act as your Fiduciary seriously.


We never receive commissions for the investments we select. The only person we work for is you.


Your team of highly credentialed advisors is looking out for you every step of the way.

Personalized Service

You will never be just a number.  Relationships matter, and they are built through delivering value to you over time.

Finding the Right Financial Team is an Important Choice

That's why we offer free consultations to talk through your needs, goals and what matters most to you.

Let us know what we can do to help.

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