Millu Ramirez, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, California State Polytechnic, Pomona
Los Angeles

My passion is providing clients with fiduciary advice that aligns their values with their money. When my dad passed away, my mother was left to handle all their financial affairs without any investment knowledge. As a result, I became a financial advisor to my widowed mother. I experienced her “aha” moment when she understood the “why” behind making financial decisions that would allow her to continue living comfortably and leave a legacy for her loved ones. It has been over ten years, and I still get a thrill when I see the satisfaction my clients experience once they are on track to achieve their financial goals


I have witnessed first-hand the factors impacting a woman’s financial well-being. In general, women outlive men so they need to plan according. For example, my grandma lived to age one hundred, and my mother is already on track to outlive my father by many years. Motherhood often leads to career interruptions. I personally experienced a salary gap when re-entering the workforce after a nine-year career break (when I stayed home to raise my children). Many women face the same gender pay gap so they need to have a plan to counteract that. My life experience and diverse heritage have shaped me into a result-driven professional – with a mission to empower women undergoing transitional life events (widowhood, divorce, starting a business) to prioritize their financial affairs, achieve peace of mind, and enjoy their lifestyle for as long as they want. 

In addition, I provide business owners with strategies and customized solutions to prepare for retirement and the sale or passing down their business to the next generation. These include designing, implementing, and managing 401 (k), Defined Benefit Plans, and Deferred Compensation Plans.   

On a personal note

When I am not advising clients, my husband Gerardo and I enjoy traveling with life-long college friends, hiking, watching soccer, and trying new ethnic restaurants. At home, my daughter Mel and I attempt to replicate the delicious dishes we like. My yoga community keeps me centered and reminds me to live in the moment.


Millu Ramirez, CFP®

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