Nate Metcalfe

Operations Associate

Cal State University, Northridge, B.S. in Finance
Los Angeles

In my early twenties, my father's untimely passing left me with a significant inheritance but without an understanding of how to manage it.  Consequently, this lack of financial knowledge led to its rapid depletion.  However, a few forgotten mutual funds remained and thrived, showing me the value of prudent investments over time.  

This realization ignited my interest in market analysis and financial planning, leading me to earn a Finance degree from California State – Northridge.  This journey transformed a personal oversight into a lifelong pursuit of financial expertise.  

Now, as part of Highline Wealth Partners, my focus is to provide clients with insights gleaned from my experience.  My objective is to assist them in safeguarding their wealth and ensuring it grows over time, thereby providing the knowledge to help them avoid the financial missteps that are out there.


I’ve enjoyed success across different fields thanks to my curiosity and diverse interests.  Yet, it’s in operations and management where I’ve truly specialized.  I’ve started projects from nothing and transformed them into systems now used by multi-million-dollar firms.  My love for market analysis and financial planning, coupled with this experience, has led to an ideal role at Highline Wealth Partners.

On a personal note

My leisure time often revolves around music – I love playing bass guitar along with recording, producing and discovering new music.  While in some ways meditative, an afternoon around the barbecue is a great source of excitement when you discover a new favorite recipe. Above the others, my wife and I love to travel to new destinations and find ourselves sampling new cultures and cuisines.  Our adventures would often lead us to a table for two with a view but we are excited to soon share these experiences with our two children.

"If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room"


Nate Metcalfe

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